Castellana Grotte is a municipality within km.48 to the south of Bari. It can be reached by car via SS16 + SP120 (1h.) or by South East Railway (1h). It is located on the limestone plateau of the Terra dei Trulli and of the Caves, is known mainly for the karstic complex of the Caves of Castellana. The Caves of Castellana are a limestone plateau formed in the Upper Cretaceous about 100 million years ago. The tour takes you along a fascinating scenery for 1.5 km. The longest itinerary takes two hours and it develops for 3 km, between caves and voragini with mythological or fantastic names. The natural entrance is made up of a vast open-air pit, about sixty feet deep, called the Grave. From the Grave to the Black Cave or the Capitol Pass, after passing the Cavernon of the Monuments, crossed the Cove and then the Cave of the Civetta, crossed the Snake Corridor, the Cave of Precipice and the Little Paradise, it flows through the long Corridor of Desert, also known as the Grand Canyon underneath (a reddish color due to its presence in this section of ferrous minerals) reaches the Cave of the Tower of Pisa, the clear puddle of puddle water, the Red Corridor, the Cave of the Dome and finally passing From the glittering Pond of Crystals, you come to the amazing White Grotto, called the most beautiful cave in the world, bright and shining. Beautiful stalactic and stalagmite concretes and galleries intertwined with the sudden opening of stupendous caves.

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